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Applications to the abstract

Applications to the abstract allow you to increase the level of work, more fully reveal the topic term paper writing service.
The composition of applications can include: copies of documents (indicating “copied from …” or “redrawn from …”), graphics, tables, photographs, diagrams, etc. Applications are located at the end of the abstract. The application must have a title or an explanatory caption and the type of information attached – a schema, list, table, etc. It is reported and the source, where the materials that served as the basis for the compilation of the application are taken (a literary source is necessarily included in the list of used literature).
Each application starts with a new sheet, numbered so that it can be referenced in the text using parentheses, for example: (Appendix 5). Pages on which applications are given continue the general numbering of the text, but are not included in the total volume of the abstract.

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